Do you have an older, ailing dog?
Does your puppy need some extra pampering?
Dog massages are the best way to help your canine feel better!
About Me
First and foremost, I am a dog lover. I have had plenty of dogs in my life, and I have adored every single one. As my (now) 11 year old rescue started to walk stiffly and seemed to struggle more than he did before, I wondered what I could do for him. Then it came to me: dog massage. Give him some extra TLC other than pets and treats.
I've now opened up my own business to help canines who need massages the most. If I can help even just one more dog, I feel that I've done well.
  1. Experience & Passion
    I've been a dog lover my entire life. I grew up with dogs. I've been taking care of them for over 15 years. I make sure to keep the pets taken very well care of! I just recently began to perform specialized massages on canines.
  2. Atmosphere
    The massages are held out in the spacious backyard on good weather days. A covered dog bed is provided, along with plenty of towels for added comfort. It is a safe and flea-free environment. Clients are in a larger, fenced area during the massage. Humans are more than welcome, but not required, to sit in during the massage to monitor and comfort their pet.